Your Community Post Office


The heart of your community


The Licensed Post Office Group (LPOG) was established in 2013 as the peak franchisee association for licensees of community post offices.  


Our network

Community post offices account for 80% of Australia Post’s network, but Australia Post does not own or operate them. This network is owned and operated by small family businesses that have collectively invested over $2.5bn into this vital network. 


LPO Group is the united voice advocating for a thriving, sustainable community post office network.



More than parcels

Community post offices are so much more than a place to post parcels. As banks and other services go online and close their shop fronts, community post offices are becoming increasingly important in providing equitable universal access to postal, financial, business and community services for all Australians, regardless of where they live.


Community post offices also provide vital face-to-face services for vulnerable Australians who are not digital citizens, or for those that live in remote, rural, and regional areas.




Protecting the future of community post offices 

Community post offices work under Australia Post’s 1993 LPO Agreement. 

LPOG believes this agreement is an unsustainable business model for community post office businesses and is endangering the future of this vital national network.


LPOG advocates for the federal government and Australia Post to make changes to this agreement.





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